3DS Participant Spotlight: Dan Otto of 3DS William & Mary

Contributor: Dan Otto is a student at William & Mary and was a participant at 3DS William & Mary.

The question we kept asking ourselves at 11:40 pm, 20 minutes before the due date of 3DS William & Mary application  was, “Is it worth applying?” Looking back, we could almost laugh at ourselves for thinking that.

3 Day Startup (3DS) was an experience that we never expected to have. Initially, we didn’t know if it would be useful to us, but we thought it would be at least a decent opportunity to make some new connections over a weekend. Our startup idea had already been incubating for months prior to 3DS, so we initially thought this was going to be a way to get the opinion of others, and nothing more. In reality, we couldn’t have been more wrong.


The Zairge team at 3DS William & Mary

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Participant Spotlight: My Experience at William and Mary’s Inaugural 3 Day Startup

Contributor: Claire Gillespie, sophomore at the College of William & Mary and participant at 3DS William & Mary


3 Day Startup is forty people, seven meals, dozens of laptops, several words, and glory. For me, it was standing up in front of a group of strangers – most of them older and probably smarter than myself – and telling them the business idea I had been mulling around in my head for months. It was questions and criticisms and learning to work with a team of strangers. It was talking pretty, talking code and talking to some of the most passionate, innovative individuals I’ve encountered at the College of William and Mary.

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Participant Spotlight: MakerSquare Students Launch Company at 3DS Austin

Contributors: Taylor Smith, Clay Stewart, and Gamble McAdam are MakerSquare fellows. The following blog post recounts their experience at 3 Day Startup Austin Fall 2013 as first time participants of the program.

Pictured on the left: Clay Stewart, Gamble McAdam, and Taylor Smith

Pictured on the left: Clay Stewart, Gamble McAdam, and Taylor Smith

While the three of us were MakerSquare students, we were approached with the opportunity to participate in 3 Day Startup Austin, an intensive weekend workshop where participants attempt to develop a business idea and launch it in one weekend. 3 Day Startup places heavy emphasis on validating a product-market fit and making sure that people actually want the product that you are creating.

We could see no better opportunity to put the skills that we were learning at MakerSquare to the test than to see if we could successfully build and launch a web product in one weekend. In lieu of a MakerSquare hackathon, we opted to participate in 3DS.

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