3 Day Startup Partners with Stanford’s Epicenter and NCIIA to Launch New Program

During the week of April 13-19, 3 Day Startup partnered with Stanford’s Epicenter and the NCIIA to launch 3DS Springboard across nine universities. 3DS Springboard is an interactive workshop focused on the beginning steps of launching a company or a project through on-campus innovation. Over four 90-minute sessions, students joined the 3DS team and Epicenter University Innovation Fellows on their campuses to start a company, a project, or a movement.


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Venture for America Tulane Ambassador Experiences 3 Day Startup

Contributor: Ethan Levy, sophomore at Tulane University and Ambassador for Venture for America participated in a 3 Day Startup program hosted at the University of New Orleans. 

VFA recently interviewed Ethan on their blog. Ethan dives into his experience with VFA, 3DS, and how our organizations are helping him launch his venture, ComeFail.

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Participant Spotlight: My Experience at William and Mary’s Inaugural 3 Day Startup

Contributor: Claire Gillespie, sophomore at the College of William & Mary and participant at 3DS William & Mary


3 Day Startup is forty people, seven meals, dozens of laptops, several words, and glory. For me, it was standing up in front of a group of strangers – most of them older and probably smarter than myself – and telling them the business idea I had been mulling around in my head for months. It was questions and criticisms and learning to work with a team of strangers. It was talking pretty, talking code and talking to some of the most passionate, innovative individuals I’ve encountered at the College of William and Mary.

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3 Day Startup partners with the Technion School of Medicine to Help Students Form Healthcare Startups

At 3DS, we have long fostered the notion that the university is the ideal center for an ecosystem’s entrepreneurial activity. After all, where else is there such an intense concentration of talent, intellectual capital, diversity, resources, and time to invest in projects that are both innovative and commercially viable?  Recently, we partnered with the Technion Institute of Technology, the Technion Faculty of Medicine, and the Ramban Hospital System to help students start companies in the healthcare space.  

“What has 400 times more bacteria than a toilet seat but is still touched by every doctor and nurse in every hospital in the world,” asked Ido.  After a suspenseful pause, he said “the keyboard; the computer keyboard that doctors use to jot down notes, that nurses use to record your vital signs.”  No good problem should be “solution-less,” and so Ido offered the solution his team had created over the course of the 3DS program.  It was a device attached to the keyboard that would make it germ-free without any work from any member of the hospital staff.

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3 Day Startup Technion Recap

Contributor: Shai Haim, Lead Organizer at 3DS Technion

While most Technion students were busy looking for opportunities at the career fair held last Wednesday, 35 guys and girls decided to do things a little differently and make their own opportunity by founding a startup.


What is 3DS Technion?

3DS Technion is a practical workshop during which participants experience the early stages of a startup: from picking an idea and “selling” it to potential teammates, building a team, defining a product, to pitching to investors. The workshop uses a format developed by students at The University of Texas in 2008. The organization is now a nonprofit that has since grown to more than 80 programs on four continents. The aim of the workshop is to give students the opportunity to experience what it means to start a company.

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2013 Programs in Review: 3 Day Startup UTSA

Contributor: Carlos Estrada, Program Manager at 3 Day Startup


The University of Texas at San Antonio held its first 3 Day Startup program on October 26, 2013, hosted by the Center for Innovation and Technology Entrepreneurship (CITE). The organizing faculty members include Dr. Anita Leffel, Assistant Director at CITE. 35 students from different disciplines were accepted into this inaugural program. Some students came prepared with pre-built technologies, others arrived with no business ideas but eager to learn via the 3DS learning-by-doing model.

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Mini Documentary: 3 Day Startup Austin Recap

3DS Austin recently hosted it’s 11th program in October. Our friends from UPG Video came out to document the special weekend. Check out the short  to get a feel of what hands-on entrepreneurship education really means!

3 Day Startup was founded in 2008 in Austin, TX and has expanded to universities worldwide. Since the inception of the first Austin program, there have been many success stories that have emerged. A few of the companies that have raised significant funding after participating in 3DS Austin are Famigo, Ordoro, and Compare Metrics.