What Can the City of Austin Do For Your Student Startup?

How daunting is it for you as a student to start your own enterprise? Are there resources and networks in Austin that can support your endeavors?

One of the biggest frustrations 3 Day Startup hears is how lonely the journey of a university student entrepreneur is. But you are not alone. The ability to find a community and collaborate with peers is essential in cultivating and refining an idea into a fully-formed business. 3 Day Startup is lucky to be located in Austin — a city that is full of opportunities to find your voice and your platform.

As Austin Startup Week boldly claims, “Austin is a big-little city and an emerging entrepreneurial hub offering a culture built on collaboration. We continue to rank high on best places to live and work. If that doesn’t do it for you, we also have awesome BBQ, fantastic live music, tons of community events, and plenty of sunshine.”

For anyone starting out, there are plenty of resources to sift through. We’ve compiled a list of organizations, resources, and programs that can help you kickstart your ventures.

The key is to take the leap and move forward, even if you don’t know 100 percent of what you are doing. 3 Day Startup refers to this concept as “learning by doing.” We believe you will get more value out of taking action, rather than just sitting on the sidelines waiting for the “perfect” moment to start your company. Perseverance and effort will also go a long way. Follow the likes of Dell, Whole Foods, Homeaway, Retail Me Not, and Indeed, and join us here in the Lone Star State!

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