3 Day Startup Cornell Recap

3DS Cornell organizers, mentors, and panelists recap the 3DS weekend and give an overview of the entrepreneurial ecosystem on campus.

This was Cornell’s second student led 3 Day Startup program. In 2011, two companies emerged from the inaugural program, including Vantageous Video, which went on Dreamit Ventures.

Many of the teams from 2012 are still working on their ideas from the weekend. Check out some of these startups from 3DS Cornell Fall 2012:

  • Rosie, an app that predicts household items before you run out and orders them from local grocers and online retailers.
  • RedPencere, a college preparation service specifically designed for international students. RedPencere connects top international students who are interested in studying in the US to consultants and counselors.
  • PartyHere, a simple way to find out where the nearest party is in your network.

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