The 3 Day Startup Cornell Experience

Sidharth Shekhar, Class of 2015 at Cornell University, recounts his experience at the past 3DS Cornell event and touches on what the event meant to him:

What many may not realize however, is that this last part – the actual execution of the idea – is actually the hardest part of the process. Ideas can be had by anyone, but the hard part is ‘this’ – bringing them to fruition successfully. ‘This’ requires that we form teams that bring different skills to the table, and implement a minimum viable product on which we can get feedback and do product testing on. ‘This’ requires the passion-driven hours of work that we spent holed up at a lounge in Upson Hall. ‘This’ requires that we be willing to distance ourselves from our ideas to see their faults clearly, even if we have poured our souls into them. ‘This’ requires guidance and mentor-ship from people who have been there and done that. All this and more is what the 3 Day Start-up Cornell experience meant for me.

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