3DS Company Update: Curb

Curb was one of the companies founded at the most recent 3DS Austin event.  The company helps corporations save money on electricity bills with a beautiful dashboard that allows individuals see how much their department is consuming in real-time.  Curb has been working feverishly since the 3DS event in March, with some great progress to show for it. Much of the design interface the company is currently using today came out of the chaos and creativity that is 3DS. Most recently, the company solidified its software team with a couple of great new additions and is looking forward to having a product complete by the end of July. Curb has also been busy on the customer acquisition front and has completed their first hardware install, with a couple more on the horizon.

Erik Norwood, the founder, had a couple of points of advice for future 3DS participants:

  • Use your time at 3DS to explore new ideas and concepts that were initially beyond the scope of your business idea. As crazy as they might sound at first, this can lead to truly unique products.
  • Reach out to industry professionals to learn as much as you can from their experiences (the 3DS mentors can help with introductions…)
  • Ignore the naysayers and push through those late night setbacks, it’s all worth it in the end!

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