Young Dude ‘Owns’ StartupCamp

The clear standout among the presenters was Michael Koetting, the young CEO of Hoot.Me LLC, which is based out of the University of Texas at Austin. Koetting actually opened his presentation by announcing that the first version of the Hoot App was officially launched at StartupCamp last night.

Hoot.Me is an application that enables students to get help on homework via Facebook through an app that includes multi-person video communications. There’s a free, P2P-based aspect of Hoot that enables students to work with their friends to solve a problem. But the company hopes to make money by charging students to access to paid tutors on the service. Koetting says Hoot.Me estimates the average cost of a session will be about $3.59 and that it only needs 1.4 percent of its sessions to be paid to subsidize the unpaid part.

The team are alumni of 3 Day Startup.

via Young Dude ‘Owns’ StartupCamp.

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