Cofolio Pitches at Rice Alliance IT & Web Venture Forum

Sam Mar had an idea for a startup that allowed small businesses to efficiently raise money from their local community.  He started by bringing his business plan to the Fall 2010 UT Austin 3 Day Startup where he refined his business model and got valuable legal advice.  More recently, he has participated in the Rice Alliance IT & Web Venture Forum [link to pitch below] and his team has launched their website.

“Presenting Cofolio to over 400 attendees at the Rice Alliance IT & Web Venture Forum was a remarkable (and nerve-wrecking) experience. Our goal coming into the event was to get the Cofolio name out into the tech community and hear what people thought about the concept of crowdfunding small businesses. The feedback we received after the event was extremely positive, and shortly after we received an invitation to become a candidate company at the Houston Technology Center where we will once again be pitching to a screening committee. The experience at Rice highlighted the importance of having a clear and concise pitch, something we had plenty of training with during our time at 3DS.” -Sam Mar 3DS UT Fall 2010

Link to the pitch:

Cofolio contact info:
Sam Mar,

via Cofolio | Connecting Small Businesses with Local Investors.

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