New Ventures Form at 3 Day Startup, UT Austin Fall 2010

The most recent 3 Day Startup event was held at UT Austin over Halloween weekend.  The companies that emerged during the weekend are below!

3 Day Startup is an event where students build startup companies.  Our next event in Austin will be during the Spring 2011 semester.  For more information, please visit or join our 3DS Facebook group.


Ryan Jurgensen, cofounder of pickmywine, demonstrates their mobile app

“It was an absolute pleasure working with such a diverse and talented group of people.  As team leader I merely needed to ensure everyone understood the goals and had the needed resources, then get out of the way of what could only be described as a symphony of execution.” -Adam Glick, 3DS UT Fall 2010

PickMyWine is a smartphone application that assists consumers in picking wines using a Pandora style recommendation engine based on their individual taste preferences.  Scan the barcode of any wine and PickMyWine generates a score from 1-100 indicating the likelihood you will like that wine.  PickMyWine appeals to consumers looking for a low-risk method to find new wines they will enjoy, and also to retailers looking to capture competitive market share and provide value to current customers.

pickmywine contact info:
Adam Glick, adam.glick at


scripscan logo

Thomas Allen, cofounder of ScripScan, whiteboards their go-to-market strategy

“Market validation. Market validation. Market validation. Business school professors constantly hammer their students on this point, but it takes on a whole new meaning when you actually talk to potential customers.” -Thomas Allen, 3DS UT Fall 2010

ScripScan delivers barcode medication administration software-as-a-service to long-term care facilities. The product, deployed on low-cost handheld mobile devices, allows nurses to check the five rights of medication administration in order to reduce medication errors by up to 80%. Long-term care facilities, which have previously been unable to afford existing solutions, now have an option for monitoring and tracking the medications that are given to residents. Facilities can improve their bottom-line by directly reducing the costs of medication error occurrence and clinicians can have peace of mind that the safety of the residents does not rest solely on their shoulders.

ScripScan contact info:
Thomas Allen, thomasallen at


hoot logo

Michael Koetting, cofounder of Hoot, pitches his company to other 3DS participants.

“3DS was all about adaptability.  With over 8 dedicated team members bringing our product to life, the vision took on many changes and improvements.  One of the best examples of this was when I asked the design team to make the logo appear more like I intended; the designers responded, “We’re not going to degrade the design just because you asked us to.”  It was such a phenomenal experience to see so many talented individuals unite under a common goal and breathe life into a company in just three days!” -Michael Koetting, 3DS UT Fall 2010

Hoot places your Facebook in study mode.  Hoot creates a knowledge network where you can get instant help from your friends or professional tutors.  With video conferencing, symbol enhanced chat, and screen sharing, Hoot gives you the technologies and resources you need to be productive.  Switch on with Hoot!

Hoot (previously Ednite) contact info:
Michael Koetting, Michael.koetting at

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