This afternoon I wasn’t even sure where to go for 3DayStartup. My friend Vanessa helped organize this and I showed up to help her film, document and do some interviews. Within five minutes of entering the Austin Technology Incubator I was put to work without a chance to rest. It’s a good thing–especially when fueled by a free supply of Red Bull. I’m not technically part of the “team” of 40 people working to make this tech company but it’s been interesting in my four hours here to see what’s going on.

When I was interviewing Thomas (who helped start this last year) I asked him what they’re doing different in 2009. He said they tried to make the event more interactive. It shows. There’s a 3DayStartup blog with multiple contributors, a Twitter account, a web site, streaming video on, photos and more. Behind the scenes we’re filming, doing interviews, producing live segments and numerous people are taking photos. I applaud Vanessa and the rest of the team for truly make the event interactive and transparent. Of course, not everything can be revealed because the groups are coming up with their own top secret pitches of a business idea. Which is where that leaves me now. We’re waiting to hear the plans from the five different groups here. They’re going to vote on an idea tonight and start working on it full force tomorrow.

I’m sure we’ll be doing another segment pretty soon this evening–after the pitching session is over. Keep watching, listening, reading and responding. I’ll be back here on Sunday!

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