3DS goes into labor

After a contentious voting process, the 3 Day Startup team has begun to develop the two strongest ideas.   The legal types say I can’t disclose what they are quite yet.   
Soon!  Let’s get to up to speed shall we?  

While munching on bagels and coffee, I outlined the day’s objectives in different color sharpies on an idea pad.  The groups feel much more motivated than they did at 3 a.m; their productivity levels have dramatically increased.   Uploading a photo of this sheet to our 3DS wiki got us all on the same page.  Leaders stepped forward during the breakfast and we assigned new teams based upon the things that excited 3DSers. 


Naruby Schlenker

Naruby Schlenker

Naruby Schlenker, MBA, initiated a movement to explore features which would make the product appealing to a specific type of consumer.  The energy levels in that group can be felt upon entering the George Kozmetsky Room.

 “It went up five notches,” Schlenker said. “People are smiling and having fun working as opposed like feeling like they have to work on something, because they committed to it.”  Schlenker utilizes the white board in the room to diagram  progress for her project colleagues, Steven Reynolds, Perry Nelson, Arielle Swartz, and Jagath Narayan who animatedly respond to topics with specific thoughts which they then google to substantiate. 

Ekaterina Konovalova, Advertising MA,  took the initiative to research the market with Shanky Chandra, MBA. They are now validating data in the Alamo Room.  

To be continued after I pick up lunch…

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